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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. Ronand50
Member since: 04/07/08
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Couple Him: Straight
Her: Straight

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He:  56   6'0   190
She: 40   5'9   168
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    Captain Ron's Krewe headquarters and best party house in Corpus.

    Short Tag Line:
    Captain Ron's Krewe headquarters and best party house in Corpus.

    I/We are looking for
    We are looking for nice people to hang out with and love to have them over to our monthly parties.
    Many had the pleasure to attend one of them...so pls if you want to be invited send us a messages.

    SLS is a great website to start of meeting people.

    Describe Yourself:
    We are a very outgoing couple,he is from Belgium likes to cook and she is adorable. Love to entertain and love to meet people. We love to organize pool swing party's in the spring and fall. Have done this in the last 4 years with a lot of fun. We have the perfect accommodations for it. The ones that have been on one can admit this and it is on you to convince us that you are the ones to get a invitation. We like nice and fun people a Little mellow and hold back, we don't like noisy and pushy we love to get to know you first a little bit, the most of our party's are multi cpl's so there is enough variety in the group, just send us a answer if you guy’s are interested and if you are from a few miles away there is always a place in our house to stay over night, we want to have everyone safe back home with no accidents or a DWI
    We do understand when you go for the first time to a party like this , you should try to arrive here with a open mind and from their enjoy it Being nerves is very normal, but one important ting is that nothing happens what you don't want to happen. Even, if you don't want to do nothing that evening and just want to socialize with others on our heated porch and check the activities out, that's fine, it happens al the time...just enjoy the hot-tubs(2) or swimming pool and interact a little in what is going on.
    Read the testimonials again. pls contact people that have been on our party's and ask them how it go's and what the think about it, it never hurts to ask a few questions.
    I really hope that you make it, there is a variety of people from different ages between 60 and 30 and for several cpl's and singles this is their first time to participate . But you know sex is good nothing fancy just some plain old good sex to enjoy is this not one of the reasons we are SLS or not??

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    Ronny and Andrea, ok enough already. This couple is as fun loving and adventurous a s you can get. Thier parties are relaxed and comfy cozy. From the time you walk in the door you are greeted and treated as if you are at home. The social hour or so gives you time to get to know the couples you'll be spending your evening with so as the invitation says come early. Once the doors are closed and the party actually starts there is ample room for everyone to make themselves comfortable while changing. Thier home is beautiful with a walk trail that is truely amazing. They have a beautiful in ground pool and an attached jacuzzi/hot tub, there is also another hot tub on the enclosed porch. They have ample parking on a quiet street. As for the atmosphere and the setting it's amazing candles in all the open rooms set the mood and the couples all seem to hit it off so no one is left out except by choice. Beginners and veterans to these affairs will feel comfortable and there is no pressure to participate. Ok, now just a personnal note each time I've been to these party's my date and I have had a great time and made some new and interesting acquaintances. Ronny anmd Andrera thanks for being great hosts. Hopefully we'll be able to attend your next shindig.


    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    Captain Ron’s Krewe 2013 year schedule.

    -Jan. 31
    Groups ski weekend in Ruiodoso NM
    Still one place for a cpl. available send me a msg. and I will forward all the info to you.

    -Feb 15 M&G
    Groups night out in town with dinner and a drink
    Dinner at the Mexican restaurant “Gaudalajar” at the junction of Weber and Saratoga be there at 7:30
    After dinner we shoot some pool at “clicks Paradise” behind Hooters.

    -Feb 16
    Sexy T’shirt party.
    At the headquarters in Ingleside.
    Open door at 7:00 pm
    Bring a dish to share and your drinks.

    -March 3
    4th Paintball shooting event.
    This is so a huge success that it going to be a event to stay.
    If you need directions shoot me a msg.
    Two blocks N of intersection Hwy286 and S.Stapels CC
    Coming together at 10:00 am at location in Corpus C.
    Bring your picnic with you for 1:00 pm
    Bring friends and family.

    -March 15 M&G
    Groups night out.
    Dinner at K’Bobs in Portland at 8.00 pm
    Drink later.

    -March 16
    St Patrick Green Party and Bring a new CPL Party.
    Open door at 7:00 pm at the Ingleside Headquarters.
    Theme cooking Irish, English’s or Scottish to share.
    Do an effort to invite some new people to our group.

    -April 12 M&G
    Group night out to Frank Spaghetti house. 8.00 pm there.
    Having a drink at Politics after.

    -April 13
    The famous Toga Party. (Find a sheet)
    Door open at 7:00 pm in Ingleside HQ. BYOB
    Finger food to share, home cooking is what we all love.

    - May 10 to 12
    Groups Camping weekend to the KOA in Mathis.
    Every one welcome, you have to book and reserve your cabin. We normally rent #1 to 11………BYOB
    Don’t wait to long. The weekends have been a success.
    Andrea and Cristina organizing the food arrangements.

    -June ( normally last wknd ?)
    Swing Camp in New Braunsfells
    We let you know the details, when we get them.

    July 19 M&G
    Group’s night out, dinner at Chili’s in Portland
    Meeting there at 7:45 pm
    After, we go for a dance in Ingleside.(if there is interest)

    -July 20
    On many request, here is the Luau Party.
    Open door at 7:00 pm at the HQ.
    Hawaiian or Chinese food to bring…..BYOB

    Aug 16 M&G
    Group’s night out, dinner at A1 Steakhouse in Callalen.
    Be there at 7:45 pm
    After dinner, If you have bowling gear, bring it…we are going bowling at the Saratoga Lanes.

    Augustus 17
    This is a evening for the girls to dress sexy.
    Open door at 7:00 pm at the HQ………..BYOB
    This is open home cooking evening, bring your best dish to share and let us be surprised how good you can cook.

    Sept 12 to 15
    Camping to South Arkansas
    Visiting our friends Donna and Daryl.
    We let you know all the specifics later.

    October 25 M&G
    Groups night out. 7:45 pm
    Dinner at Blackbeard’s Restaurant in Ingleside.
    After Bonn fire and counting the stars…..at HQ
    Bring some folding chairs….BYOB

    October 26
    Halloween costume night.
    Make one home cooked dish to share of your choice.
    Open door at 7:00 pm at HQ ….BYOB
    Lets be scary….

    December 31
    Our yearly waving out the old and welcoming the New Year
    Gala Dress code (what ever that is for you)
    Share a dish for the buffet.(home cooking)
    Bring one bottle Champagne for the toast at 12 pm.
    Open door at 7:00 ….BYOB